That Moment when you Realise that Money Defines your Life; That is the Moment when You Become a Money Grown-Up

Becoming a financial adult does not have anything to do with age in years.  You might also never become a financial adult.  The specific financial, grown-up moment will come with the realization that money defines your life.

The defining financial adulthood moment differs for everyone and can come at any age.


Defining growing up moments can come when:

  1. You have to pay your first taxes. You knew there were taxes payable sometime, somewhere, but did not make time to find out the whole of it.  And then the time came, and you did not plan for it and do not have the money.
  2. A tooth repair cost you the whole of next month’s rent and the electricity bill. You thought that health insurance will only be for when you are older because you never get sick.  That thought only held out until you broke your tooth and had no emergency savings or health insurance.

And then also when you suddenly realise:

  1. I need to start thinking about Tomorrow. When you look at the people around you and find that everybody has a contingency plan for retirement, health, and emergencies.  And they are not afraid of thinking of retirement or vehicle repairs.
  2. When someone gives you Advice and you realise it is good advice. Following that advice and getting the results was the awesome awakening moment that you can do finance.
  3. When you take Control of your Finances. Starting to plan, work out a budget, saving some money and taking care of retirement and health and life insurance, defines an adult financial attitude.

Whether you like it or not, money will have an influence throughout your life.  How you are going to keep a balance will depend on how you approach money and financial matters.