How an Inspection can save your $1,000’s

The importance of a building and pest inspection

Are you thinking about purchasing a new home or property in Gold Coast? Before you make a purchase it’s normally advisable to have a building and pest control carried out. These entail a building inspector or if the property is bigger a team of building inspectors who investigate the building or a home and look for any defects which might prove to be a potential risk in the long run.

There are several reasons why a building and pest inspection is necessary, these include:

  • A building and pest inspection can help detect any problems with the property and give a warning to have those problems resolved before things actually get worse.
  • When it comes to buying new property, you are already spending a few million dollars. Getting an inspection of a few thousand dollars done can save you from a great deal of headache later on. Imagine buying a property only to discover that there are structural problems within it or the wiring is faulty and needs to be replaced. Maybe the building has a pest infestation. Pest like termites and rats can eat into the wiring and the wood work of a building and cause a great deal of damage.
  • Normally pest infestation is not visible to a lay person. There could be no visible signs as such. It is only an experienced building inspector who could actually help and find out any problems and check out for pest infestations.

  • Also a building and pest control could help you negotiate better. While purchasing the property you can include this inspection as a part of those negotiations. If any defects or problems are found you can actually use these to bring the price down. Make sure to ask for a reduced price before you make a purchase. The key is to hire a building inspector before you actually make any big promise. When the seller knows an inspection is part of the negotiations plans they will be prepared s well and there would be no sudden surprises or disagreements involved.
  • These inspections could also help you save money in the long run. Any structural or pest issues in a building could pose to be a major problem once you have moved in. sometimes the cost can go up to almost ten thousand dollars and even more. However this can be avoided if your building inspector already discovers this problem before you make a purchase. Just a visual tour of the home is never enough. There is a dire need of a keen eye for any minute issue which aren’t apparent to just anyone.
  • Also a pest inspection could help detect the problem early on and help save you lots of money in the long run. An infestation which is too deep is often more expensive and also a great deal more difficult to get rid of.