Experiencing Financial Burnout? How to go Back to the Basics of Financial Know-How

A good motto for everything in life is to never overdo anything.  Moderation should be your keyword for all you do.  That also includes your finances.

Most people seldom do moderation, going from one extreme to another in all things they do.  For example; from turning over every penny and keeping count of all you spend, to making a roundabout turn, and start spending if tomorrow will never come.


When you’re stuck in this in-betweens and extremes, you should go back to the basics.

Going back to the basics:

Take a Look at your Goals; review the goals you set earlier, are they still relevant to you today?  If not, you should take a fresh look at what you want to achieve, and how you want to achieve it.  Make a new list, with new dates, how long will it take you, what will be needed to get to the goals, and how much money you should put aside towards your goals.

Make a New Budget; it may be that the budget you made before is not valid anymore.  Your situation changed, there might be more money available, or you made more debt.  Both ways, be realistic and set up a new budget.  And then, keep to your budget.

Pay off Debt; especially those high-interest debt needs to be paid off as soon as possible.  Something like a home mortgage should not be a bother if the interest rates are low.

Think About the Future; everybody gets to a retirement date.  You need to plan for that date.  It might seem silly if you are still young but look at the elderly people around you.  Do they live a good life or are they struggling?  The earlier you start saving, the less stressful your retirement will be.

But, Also, Live for Today; plan sufficiently for retirement, health and life insurance, and all those future things.  But remember to also live today.  Spend time and money on the things that are important to you right now.

Your money should be a benefit to you and all and everything that is important to you.