Building A Home? Save Money

Young couple buying new home

If you are embarking on the adventure of building your first home it’s a good bet that you are taking that first step towards a dream. The dream of that perfect household where you and your family will enjoy love, life and laughter.

But there is one inescapable fact. Whether its a single or 2 storey home, it’s going to cost a whole lot of money. And that expenditure is going to not only put a strain on your bank account – it’s also going to put a whole lot of strain on your personal relations with your loved ones.

So are there ways to save when you are committed to building that first dream house? There are and here are some of those.

First it is absolutely essential that you build that you build that bank account to fully fund the building of that dream home. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to sell your existing home yourself. If you go through a realtor you will be paying a commission of up to 6%. It may take some time and a bit of patience but that money is in your pocket – rather than someone else’s.

Secondly – apply for a credit card with zero percent interest. If your credit rating is clean then this should not be an effort. You’ll avoid paying interest for between a year and two years. That’s a huge saving when it comes to payment for both planned and unexpected costs.

If you are not willing to part with your existing property then get in touch with realtors that specialize in rentals. You can readily offset the costs of building that new home by simply renting your old one. If you have friends or family who are willing to put you up for a short period while you find finance then take advantage of that relationship. Just be sure you have a room available in your new home to welcome them.

Planning is also everything. If you think that you know what you want from your new home – think again. Mistakes in planning can be costly. Visit homes on the market and see how they are designed. This will help clarify your thoughts – and make that dream home closer to what is actually needed than the dream you have.

One of the most essential steps to getting that dream home is to find an architect who offers value for money and has experience in the area where you will be building.

Then that all important aspect – the building. You simply must find the builder who is best suited to your unique needs. That have to be certified and they need to have an understanding of what you are trying to achieve. Without a competent builder you are going to be facing an uphill battle to have a home where you and your family will be able to move into.

Building a new home is always going to be a challenge, but with the right partners and planning the pain and expense can be reduced to a minimum.